About (in English)

Prelude – About us

Noob, N00B, Newbie, etc. are very common terms of the internet era, and we are not here just to babble about us being one of the kind.

The blog is founded by 2 Thai amateur runners, who currently have their max distant at 21K – Half Marathon (16 December 2013), practicing for the full marathon in few months. Baitong has created the blog title, and Thongkong (me) started to get the things online in prosper, moderating this and that.

We just got serious about running activities since early 2013, along with other fellow runners who are not blogging here.

The point is, we felt that being newbie (Noob, novice, etc.) in any area has a unique kind of feeling, it’s another form of happiness in different way of being “intimidate” or “pro” level. This blog is where we archive our Newb experiences, thoughts, ideas, etc, before they are forgotten by the distance we run.

Once we’ve gone too far from where we started, it’s too late to precisely describe how the things were.

However, we have not yet planned to blogging this newb saga in English. At any rate, if you like to, we could discuss about distant running. Especially if you are in Thailand, let’s run together sometimes. Our endomondo links are provide in the front page, for reference, please feel free to add.

That’s all for now, let’s go running!





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